Advanced Features Demo Videos

Advanced Features Demo Videos

Public Gallery Demo Video

This video demonstrates how to view published materials in your Public Workspace in our Public Gallery on the web. It also demonstrates how to complete a customized Public Profile for your archive.

Publish and Timeline View Demo Video

This video demonstrates how to publish materials in the My Files Workspace to the web. It also shows you how to change the default folder view for an item in your Public Workspace to display as a timeline in the Public Gallery on the web.

FamilySearch Integration Demo Video

This video demonstrates how to use the FamilySearch integration to import your family tree persons and memories into Permanent.

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      Publishing a file or folder creates a publicly viewable copy of the item in your Public folder.  To publish a file, select the file or folder you wish to publish in your My Files Workspace by clicking it once to highlight it. Click the "Publish" ...
    • File Types That We Accept and Support will accept and store all file formats uploaded to our system by our members. We like to say "if it's made of bits, we'll take it." However, we do have a set of "supported" file formats for each category of file (photo, video, documents ...
    • Why is my file downloading automatically?

      Some larger files are not able to be viewed directly in Permanent and instead will download to your device for you to open outside of your browser. One way to minimize the impact on your own experience is to turn off automatic downloads in your ...
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      Thank you for helping test’s new Etherpad integration! Overview’s Etherpad Prototype uses the web monetization API. This technology uses a browser extension to make micropayments to an online service provider. This allows ...
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      Our mission is for the historical and educational benefit of future generations. That's why we continuously strive to improve the archival integrity of our platform. Here's what we're already doing and what we're working on next. Reading Metadata ...