Organizing Files

Organizing Files

There are a number of actions you can take in your Permanent Archive to organize your files, similar to how you might organize your files on your computer. Below are instructions for creating and renaming folders, moving and copying files into folders, and deleting files or folders. 

Creating and Renaming Folders

Folders can be created by using the "New folder" button in the top right corner of your Archive screen. When you click the button, a dialog window will open where you can enter the name of your new folder. Once you've entered the name, click the "Create folder" button to create the folder. A new folder with the name you provided will be created.

To open a folder, double click on it and you will be taken inside. If you are already in a folder and you'd like to move out, use the "breadcrumbs" at the top of the screen to click to another level. You can move in and out of folders to find the correct location to create a folder

To rename a folder, click the folder in your archive so that it is highlighted. On the right side of the screen under the "Info" tab, there is a field for the folder name. Click the folder name and you will be able to edit the name of the folder. Click "Save" and the new name will be saved.

Moving and Copying Files and Folders

Files and folders can be moved and copied into different locations by using the action menu that appears when you select a file or folder. 

You can select one file by clicking on it once, or all of them by clicking on the first and then holding down "shift" and clicking the last file. You should see a menu of actions appear above the files. Clicking "Move" will open a window with a list of folders that you can move the files into. You can also click into a folder to see any additional subfolders in it. Once you've chosen the correct file to move your files into, click the "Move" button on the bottom right side of the popup window. This will move the files from the original location to the folder you've chosen.

Alternatively, you can also drag and drop files into folders to move them into that folder.

The "Copy" function creates a duplicate file in the location you choose rather than moving it from one location to another. Once you've selected the files you wish to copy, you can click the "Copy" button in the action menu that appears, and a similar popup window will appear. Select the location where you would like the copies, then click the "Copy" button. 

Deleting Files and Folders

Deleting files and folders completely removes them from your archive in the location in which you're deleting them. Make sure you have copies saved elsewhere in your Permanent archive or on your personal device before deleting files and folders you wish to reupload or reorganize in Permanent.

Select the file or files you wish to delete by clicking on them. If you wish to select multiple, you can use the shift button to highlight a group of files. The action menu will appear. Click the "Delete" button. A window will appear that will ask you to confirm the deletion. Click the "Delete" button if you wish to delete those files.

Sorting Files and Folders

There are three different ways to sort files: by name, by type, and by date.

To sort by any of these, you can click the arrow to the right of the heading in the file list in your archive. Once you have clicked the arrow to sort by that particular aspect, a gray Save button will appear to the right of the arrow.

Click the Save button to save that your preferred sorted view. When you navigate back to your archive or to that folder, the files will appear in the order you saved.

To change your preferred view, you can click the arrows again to sort the files and click the Save button to save the sorted view.

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