Redundant Backups

Redundant Backups

What's the best way to keep something around for all time? Make multiple copies of it and store those copies in different places. We create multiple, redundant copies of every file in our system to mitigate against file degradation. Not only that, but we also make sure we're not keeping those files all in the same place.
  1. Multi-provider – we use multiple cloud storage providers; if one provider fails to live up to its promise, we can walk away.
  2. Multi-region – we duplicate files across multiple geographic regions; If a server in one part of the country experiences difficulties, we have another in an unaffected part of the country that can be used to access your files.
  3. Multi-tier – we maintain accessibility, but also duplicate files into more stable cold storage systems.
We run regular file integrity checks on your data. If a file in one server appears to be damaged or corrupted, we use its copy on the other server to repair it.
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