Why can't I view my file on Permanent?

Why can't I view my file on Permanent?

If you click on a file to view it in Permanent and it does not open, it could be because of one of the following:

The file type is not compatible with our viewer

Permanent.org accepts any file type for preservation, but some files are not available to view directly in Permanent. Supported file types that can be migrated to "preservation" formats are compatible for viewing in Permanent.

The file is too large to preview

Some files are too large to preview directly in Permanent, even if they are supported file types. This includes PDFs larger than 20MB and some video files.

Don't worry if you can't view a file. The file is still preserved, even if it is not viewable in Permanent. You are always able to download your original file to your device. 

The file is still processing

When large files or a large number of file are uploaded, it may take additional time for them to process in our system before they are available to view in Permanent. Learn more in this help article.
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