POS: Gift Card Options

POS: Gift Card Options

Available gift platform options:

    • Order plastic gift cards with your logo that can be activated and redeemed through the POS

      • $0.55 per card x1000 cards
      • Provide us with the artwork and we will send you a mockup to approve before printing
      • Magnetic stripe, dual track

  • E-Gift cards

    • Use our built-in, digital gift card platform at no charge

      • Our system generates a random number upon activation
      • Choose one of our themes (birthday, holiday, congratulations, etc.)
      • Add a personalized note
      • Send e-gift card to customers via SMS / email

  • Existing gift cards / certificates

    Limitations and charges may apply. Please contact us to determine if this option is available for you.

    • Importing your existing gift numbers and balances into your system

      • For gift certificates that were already purchased, provide us with a 'Gift Liability Report' containing all gift numbers and balances for our team to import
      • For new gift certificates, you would activate the number through the POS and take payment for it

Please review the options above and let us know if you have any questions. We're happy to help! Email us at support@precisionpos.com or call 855-673-3700.

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