Welcome: Implementation Self-Guide

Welcome: Implementation Self-Guide

This checklist is intended to be used as a self-guide for your implementation process. It outlines the necessary processes from building your menu to scheduling training.

Welcome!  We are very excited to have you join our growing family of restaurateurs!
Steps to Go-Live
Each of these steps must be completed prior to you going live:
  1. Menu: A dedicated team of specialists will be assigned to your menu. You will need to work with them to ensure they have all the information needed to program your items and modifiers.
  2. Configuration: Our team will work with you in our back office to configure your system to match your operational needs. In preparation, please fill out your Store Settings Workbook.
  3. Installation: You will work with an installer to setup your hardware.
    Your site must be readily available and meet all requirements for your POS hardware to function properly.
  4. Test Orders: To disable Test Mode, a minimum of 75 test orders must be submitted through the POS to ensure your menu and configuration is how you intended.
  5. Training:  *This will need to be scheduled in advance * You will work with a remote agent who will train your managers and staff.

    For additional tutorials, please visit Precision Classroom
    To schedule an installation or training session, please contact support at 1-855-673-3700 or email us at support@precisionpos.com.

Building Your Menu
Upon receiving your menu, our menu team will reach out to you for a dedicated amount of time. They will discuss any pricing questions and implementatoion requirements you may need. In order to complete your menu, they will minimally need the following information:
  1. Pricing
    1. Menu items
    2. Modifiers (Normal, Light, Extra, On the Side)
  2. Tax Rate
    1. Food Tax Rate
    2. Alcohol Tax Rate
    3. Merchandise Tax Rate
    4. Tax-Exempt Cases
  3. Promotions
    1. Menu Specials
    2. Coupons & Discounts
  4. Assigned Printers
    1. Where should each item print in the kitchen

Station Configuration
Every restaurant operates differently, and Precision has many options availalbe to customize how you interact with your POS. To make the most of these settings, your Precision specialist will need to know the following information:
  1. Dining Sections
    1. Number of Tables & Chairs
  2. Dining Layout
    1. A diagram of your restaurant layout
  3. Hours of Operation
  4. Employees
    1. Name
    2. Position
    3. Security Code
  5. Delivery Setup
    1. Radius Miles or Zone
    2. Surcharge by Distance
    3. Minimum Purchase Amount
  6. Logo for Receipt or Website

Gift & Loyalty
  1. Custom Loyalty Setup
    1. Points Awarded per Dollar Spent
    2. Auto-Enroll Feature
  2. *Ask your Precision specialist about the ability to import external gift card data (.csv or .xls)*

To install your hardware, you must make sure that your restaurant is properly wired. Please review the Precision Site Requirements Guide prior to scheduling an install date, in order to delay this process. Hardware that needs to be scheduled to install:
  1. Point of Sale Terminals
  2. Kitchen Printers
  3. Receipt Printers
  4. Cash Drawers
  5. Credit Card Readers
  6. KDS Screens
Additional purchase items:
  1. Kitchen Printer Paper
  2. Receipt Printer Paper (Thermal)
  3. Ethernet Cables

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