Opening up and Settling Orders in a Staff Bank

Opening up and Settling Orders in a Staff Bank

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to open and settle orders in a staff bank.

The first thing to understand is that opening a staff bank is different from opening a cash drawer in the fact that it will be opened automatically when settling an order. So to start things off we will place a basic order following the picture prompts below.

1) Start a new order.

2) Add any menu item to the order (for our example, we are using fires). Hit SUBMIT ORDER.

3) On this pop-up screen, hit SETTLE, and then hit SETTLE TO STAFF BANK.

4) Select the employee that is opening the staff bank.

5) From here, you have two options on how to handle the settlement. You may either settle with exact change or open up the regular settlement screen. If you hit EXACT CASH, the transaction will be complete. If you hit FULL SETTLEMENT OPTIONS, you will be brought to the settlement screen. After settling, a staff bank should be open for your chosen employee.

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