POS: Creating a House Account

POS: Creating a House Account

Creating a House Account

1. Log into the POS with your access code 

2. Select the 'Customer' tab from the right-hand side of the Home Panel

3. Select the 'House Accounts' button

4. Select the 'New Acct' button

5. You will need to minimally fill in the Account Name and Phone Number fields (you can use your store number if you don't have an appropriate number)

6. Set the Credit Limit and the Due Date
For third-party house accounts:
  1. Max credit limit= $99,999,99
  2. ​You may want to set the due date to a minimum of 365 days

7. Select 'Complete' on the bottom

8. Finally, mark your new account as active:
Select the hamburger icon (three lines) next to your account > Select 'Advanced' > 'Set Account As Active'

Congratulations, you have successfully created a new House Account. You can now settle orders to this account from the Settle Screen on your POS.

For more assistance, please email support@precisionpos.com or call 1-855-673-3700.

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