POS: Troubleshooting Sound Notificiations

POS: Troubleshooting Sound Notificiations

Enable Sound Notifications for New Orders

1. Make sound notifications a priority for the Precision POS app

  1. Open the Settings app from the desktop (if you don't see it on the desktop, select the white circle icon at the bottom to view all apps on the device)

  2. Select Sound & notification under the Device section

  3. Select App notifications

  4. Select the Precision POS app from the list 

  5. Toggle the 'Priority' setting to show notifications

2. Complete a hardware audio test

  1. Open the POSFactory app from the desktop (if you don't see it on the desktop, select the white circle icon at the bottom to view all apps on the device)

  2. Select the Audio Test button

  3. Complete audio test by toggling the 'Left Channel' and 'Right Channel'

  4. If both channels produce a sound, your audio test is complete. If either channel is not functioning properly, please contact us to assess further action.

For more assistance, please send us an email at support@precisionpos.com or call 1-855-673-3700.

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