Adding a custom domain

Adding a custom domain


You can access Productstash and your public boards via your own domain by configuring a domain and adding a flattened CNAME or ANAME/ALIAS record to your DNS settings.

What is an ANAME/ALIAS/CNAME flattening? 
An ANAME record is a feature that automatically finds and updates A and AAAA records from the target. Unlike CNAME records, ANAMEs can be placed next to other records (one per hostname). ANAME records are commonly known as ALIAS records or CNAME flattening.

Configuring your DNS provider for a root domain is similar to configuring a DNS provider for a subdomain. However, whereas with subdomains the type of record to configure is always a CNAME, with root domains the type of record depends on the DNS provider. 

Most DNS providers will have the option to easily add ANAME records, or will provide the ability to flatten CNAMEs (some will do it automatically without you knowing). Here are some examples:
Whichever provider you have, point the ALIAS/ANAME/CNAME entry for your root domain (or whatever subdomain you wish) to the DNS Target provided in Productstash, just as you would with a traditional CNAME record.

Configuring your domain

There are two steps to the configuration process:
  1. Add your domain to Productstash via your Account Settings
  2. Add the relevant CNAME/ANAME record to your DNS settings
Changes in DNS settings are usually reflected within a matter of minutes, but it may take longer depending on your hosting provider.

Add a domain

Navigate to your Account Settings and add in your domain, for example ""

Once added, you will see a modal that looks similar to this:

Copy the DNS target provided and add this to your new record within your DNS settings. See below for our example:

Once you have updated your DNS settings, head back to Productstash and you'll see the current status of your domain. Changes in DNS are usually reflected within a matter of minutes, but it may take longer depending on your hosting provider.

Once completed, the status will update to active within Productstash, and you are ready to start using your own domain!

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