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            Configuring Mastercam

            In Mastercam's System Configuration different defaults and options can be set so Mastercam opens set in a preferred way.

            To get to Mastercam's System Configuration, go to the File tab and down to Configuration, or press "ALT" and F8 at the same time.

            Here is a quick break down on where the most commonly requested preferences can be found.

            *The startup product will check out a license for whatever is selected, and for network licenses the Mastercam Launcher can be used to make shortcuts for specific license types to be checked out.
            *Mastercam's standard install has Mastercam's Code Expert and a Cimco Lite editor, and other softwares can be searched for through the drop down under "Other".

            Once you're done configuring Mastercam when you click on the green check-mark, a dialog window will come up prompting you to save these settings. Selecting yes will save them, and selecting No will keep the settings but once Mastercam shuts down, those settings will be lost.

            Updated: 10 Oct 2018 12:53 AM
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