Connecting your RaceReady Box to your home network

Connecting your RaceReady Box to your home network

When your RaceReady box is not in range of good celluar connection at your office/home you can connect it to your office/home internet. Here's how:

Step 1 : Remove the SIM card from your RaceReady wifi router

Remove the small screws and take off the panel cover and remove the SIM card

Step 2 : Plug in your office/home internet using a ethernet cable into the back of the RaceReady wifi unit into the WAN port

Step 3 : Power on the RaceReady box and you are done

Remove SIM card and plug an ethernet cable into the back of the RR router. (RED LINE BELOW in IMAGE) 

Restore back to original : To return to normal function place the SIM back into SIM1 place the cover back on and disconnect the office/home ethernet cable. (RED Cable in above image)

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