For Promoters: Checklist for Publishing Your Event

For Promoters: Checklist for Publishing Your Event

How to double-check your event in RaceReady before publishing

You should have already created your event at this point. If you haven't, you can click here to see a guide on how to build an event.

If you're about to publish an event and you're not sure if you crossed all of your t's, here's a quick guide to help.

In your account, find the event, and select "Edit":

Within the event, each of the next six tabs walk you through the information you will want to provide.

Just review the information on each tab, and make sure it suits your race. If you need help building the event, see this article. Otherwise, here are just a few things to watch out for:

1.Event Dates: Make sure each day of the event is specified individually in the "Basic" tab. SINGLE DAY EVENTS should have the same start date and end date. 

2. Customer Receipt: You can enter text which will be included on every customer receipt, and you can upload a standard attachment which will be emailed to them with their receipt. Say, for example, you want to include a PDF map of the premises, etc. Note that our system cannot send variable data attachments or text from this module (e.g. different attachments or text for each customer). 


3. Pricing Tab: First, understand that race entries (e.g. class fees) are NOT managed here. This tab is to control all other items for sale at your event besides race entries (e.g. camping, transponders, memberships, etc.). If you need to offer a membership or season pass, you can add them from this page as well. Shown here are some examples of items in each of the pricing categories:

4. Format Tab: This manages the format for the event's scoring. It needs to be filled out in order to score your event properly. Here's an example:

5. Classes Tab: This is where you decide what kind of entries are allowed in your event. Add them from your existing list by selecting "Add Classes" next to the category you wish to draw from. Make sure you have selected every kind of class you wish to offer, depending on your event. You should have created your custom class list previously, but no worries—you can always add to the list. This example shows that the promoter has a few categories of classes, but for this event only the "2022 MX Classes" are being offered:

5. Waivers Tab: You can require your participants to electronically agree to a waiver when they register for your event. This is where the waver should have been uploaded. If it's not there and you want one, add it here:

6. Review Tab: Here's where you get a picture of what the event will look like when it is published. It doesn't show everything the customers will see, but it shows the basics. It also shows your custom URL for this event—that means you can share a unique URL which will drive visitors directly to the signup page for this event:

You can publish the event from here. Or, if you need to remove the event from public view, you can unpublish it from here as well after it has already been published. 

If everything looks good on your event based on this overview, your next step is to publish the event, share the URL with your racers, and watch the registrations come rolling in!

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