For Promoters: How to Change Registration Details for a Racer—Edit or Add a Bike or Class Entry

For Promoters: How to Change Registration Details for a Racer—Edit or Add a Bike or Class Entry

If you need to help a racer change something on their race registration (either which bike / vehicle they registered to use, or which class entries they signed up to be in), here's what you need to do:
  1. Log in to your promoter account, find the event in question, and select "Manage Race":

2. Go to the Racers tab, and find the racer in question. Select their name.

3. Select "Rider Details"

4. Select from any of the races they have signed up for, and select a different race as necessary. You can also select from the registered bikes / vehicles for those races, and select a different one as necessary:

5. Alternatively, if the racer needs to purchase an additional class entry, this can be done using the "Purchase New Items for User" button:

From this point, you will get provisional access to the racer's account, where you can build a cart and check out as if you were them. The only difference is you have the option at checkout to select a "Cash" button indicating that you accepted cash for the registration, if appropriate.

This will complete the purchase of any additional items necessary for the racer. 

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