For Promoters: How to View a Financial Accounting Report by Event

For Promoters: How to View a Financial Accounting Report by Event

RaceReady has a few different accounting tools. 

1. Accounting Summary Report, by Event
2. Accounting Detail Report, by transaction (this is where you process refunds)
3. Accounting spreadsheet by event. (use the "Export Payments" button on the Racers tab for the event in question)

Most promoters want to see the Accounting Summary Report for each event. This tells you how much you sold, what your fees were, and how much money went into your cash till VS got transferred to any other promoters VS what went to your bank account. 

To look at the Accounting Summary Report by Event, open your RaceReady promoter account and click on the Accounting tab. 

Click "Reports by Event" and then "Select event or series to view details".

You'll then see a reporting table with multiple rows and columns:

1. "Category" describes the kind of item being accounted for. 
2. "Net Paid Quantity" is the count of the items sold, excluding free items. 
3. "Net Free Quantity" is the count of the items given free, as a comp from the promoter to the racer / spectator. 
4.  "Refunded Quantity" is the count of items that were refunded and returned to inventory. 
5. "Refunded Total" is the dollar total for all items refunded in that category. 
6. "Cash (net refunds)" represents the amount of cash you should have in your till after the event is over, for each category, less the cash sent to non-event promoters in item #9 below. Note that this column doesn't include cash transactions that don't get recorded in RaceReady.
7. "Card (net refunds)" shows the gross totals processed using credit cards. 
8. "Withheld Fees" shows the totals withheld by RaceReady in the form of fees. Typically you'll see Transponder and Live Timing fees, if you run live timing at your events. 
9. "Sent to Non-Event Promoters (cash)" shows the CASH amounts sent to other promoters, which you designated when you created this event (such as gate fees going to a host race track, etc.)
10. "Sent to Non-Event Promoters (card)" is the same as #9 above, just with credit card purchases. 
11. "Net Deposit to your Bank" shows the amounts to expect deposited into your bank. Note that this does not correlate with the individual deposit amounts—we deposit funds to your bank as soon as we receive them, rather than as one lump sum after the event is over. So this amount will be broken into multiple smaller deposits into your bank, but cannot be reported as such smaller amounts on this report. 
12. "Event Promoter Net Total" tells you how much money you kept from the event, before paying your other expenses and employees. 
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