For Promoters: Onboarding Roadmap

For Promoters: Onboarding Roadmap

Here's what to expect as you begin onboarding with RaceReady.

Welcome! Here's what you can expect as you come aboard.

We want to help you get functioning, and learn what you need to learn. The good news is if you prefer to do this all yourself, you can—otherwise, we'll plan to bug you a bit:)
First, if you prefer to dive in to the how-to articles and videos, you can always access them in our Promoter Knowledge Base. It's easy to find from our website too—at, click on "Knowledge Base" at the top of the page. It looks like this:

Here are the basic steps we'll take you through during the onboarding process:

  1. Designate a Race Director. First, we need to work with a single individual inside your organization who is responsible for learning the basics of your RaceReady software. If you're reading this, you are probably what we refer to as the Race Director (the person in charge of implementing and running the RaceReady tools for your events). If not, you'll need to let us know who that is:)

  2. Initial Account Setup. We should have already set up promoter access within your RaceReady account, and provided credentials if necessary. You'll need to provide some additional information to set up the merchant services functionality, so you can accept payments online. 

  3. Kickoff Call (optional). We'll hold a call (if you indicated to your Account Manager that you wanted a kickoff call) to go over the next steps that lead to publishing your first event. 

  4. Promoter Basics. Within your account, we'll show you how to create your custom classes with their respective prices, how to create or edit memberships if you need to offer them, how to create a series which will aggregate points from individual events within that series, and how to create and publish events so racers can sign up online. 

  5. Pre-Publishing Call (optional). We'll hold a call to review your first event, and the other items you prepared (e.g. class list, pricing, memberships, etc) prior to publishing your first event.  

  6. Scoring and Live Timing. Next, it will be time to learn how to score an event, and if applicable, how to use the live timing equipment and software at your event as well. Also, mui importante, how to build your race order. 

  7. Order Data Service (for some clients). If you don't have wired internet onsite, you'll need cellular internet, and you're responsible to pay for the data plan. Typically a 10GB monthly plan with Verizon is a good choice. We'll connect you to a business rep who can activate your account, and will send us your SIM card so we can install it into your mobile router before we build your equipment kit.

  8. Receive & Test your Equipment (for some clients). If you're receiving any equipment from RaceReady, we'll test and ship it to you, and you'll be in charge of doing some dry runs with the equipment before race day. This article goes over how to set up and run live timing equipment. 

  9. Pre-Race Call (optional). Within a few days of your first event, we can hop on a call with you to review how race day will go and make sure you're Race Ready!

  10. Hold First Event. Giddyup. 

  11. Post-Race Call (optional). Following your first event, we can circle up and talk about how things went, address further questions, and then watch you ride off into the sunset. 

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