For Promoters: Post-Onboarding Resources

For Promoters: Post-Onboarding Resources

Once you complete RaceReady's onboarding, here's a run down of how to move forward.

RaceReady's onboarding process is meant to help you learn, test, and successfully use RaceReady's software and systems at your events. Once we finish teaching you, what comes next is largely up to you. We recommend making sure you double-check the following items:
  1. Is your custom class list fully created?

  2. Are your upcoming events / series set up in the RaceReady system?

  3. Are you advertising your event registration pages so people can sign up early?

Here are the resources that are available to you:

  1. How-to videos and knowledge base. This is where you can learn about anything RaceReady, and search for answers to questions.

  2. Chat with us. At, we have a chat function that puts you in touch with a human quickly and easily. 

  3. Call us at 385-292-3707. This is a dedicated support line for RaceReady promoters.

After onboarding, a RaceReady account manager will be reaching out occasionally to help you. And as always, we would love to know how the products are working for you. You can always submit feedback here.

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