For Racers: How to Create an Account

For Racers: How to Create an Account

Whether you're a racer, spectator, parent, or anyone who wants to attend an event or see scores, you should have a RaceReady account.

Why Create a Free Account? 

Having a RaceReady account is the first step to getting admission to events using RaceReady, or registering as a racer, or using any part of our system. We think everyone should have one, but we know we're biased:)

If you ride, compete, or just attend events, you want a RaceReady profile. Here's why. 

First, you'll need one if you want to attend an event that uses RaceReady's software. You'll use your profile to register for the event online—and typically, the earlier you register, the better the gate pick (if you're a rider). So if you wait until race day to register, you're disadvantaged. 

Next, RaceReady is a platform that automatically saves your lap times, scores, and podiums from all events that use RaceReady Live Timing. Use it together with our Racer Connect app to check out other racers' stats and log your rides.

How to Create a Free Account. ( Click here to watch the VIDEO )

Step 1.) First, go to, and select "Log In" at the top right:

Step 2.) Next to "Don't have an account?" select "Get Started":

Step 3.) If necessary, select "Get Started" in the login screen.

Step 4.) Fill out the form, and select "Rider / Racer" as the account type. 

Step 5.) Fill out the personal information form.

Step 6.) Provide information about your bike(s) or vehicle(s) you race with, so you can qualify for the correct classes:

Finally, you'll see your profile summary (or multiple summaries, if you entered multiple racers). You can go to your dashboard from there:

If you need additional help message us on our chat system! 

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