For Racers: Navigating Your Account

For Racers: Navigating Your Account

Now that you've created an account, let's show you around.

So you have an account—that's great. You can now register & pay for races, as well as add racers to your account and sign them up for events as well. 

Once you log in, you're taken to the events page where you can search for an event or a series:

To navigate to other parts of the software, use the menu on the left.


Your Profile page shows your basic stats, memberships, events you've participated in, racers on your account besides yourself, and your bikes or other vehicles you race with. 

The Riders tab is where you can add or edit riders on your account. 

To edit any other aspect of your profile, including things like your personal information, your bikes, your password, or to view your memberships & passes or your receipts, use the Settings tab. 

If you need additional help, message us on our chat system. 

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