Do I need to have my book on Amazon to add it to ReaderLinks?

Do I need to have my book on Amazon to add it to ReaderLinks?

No. You can have your book available on any service, including print, to add it to ReaderLinks. You'll bea ble to create links for marketing, automate tweets and use the promo and calendar features. The only features you will not be able to use whe you don't have the book on Amazon are the sales tracking and the Amazon Description Tool.
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    • Can I add a new box set, collection or version of an existing book?

      Yes. As long as the product includes its own ASIN, ISBN or other online retailer identifier (that is supported by ReaderLinks) then you can add any kind of book or eBook possible.
    • How do I add a book?

      Adding a book to ReaderLinks is simple.  1. Go to 2. Click on the "Add New Book" button 3. Enter the info that applies to your book. For instance, if your book is on Amazon, enter its ASIN. If your book is part ...
    • How do I delete a book?

      You can get rid of duplicate books by doing the following: 1. Go to the duplicate book's page on ReaderLinks 2. Click on the Book Details tab 3. On the far right side of that tab is a link - "Delete This Book". Click that link. Please note that any ...
    • How do I add a series?

      To add an existing book to a new series, go to the Books page and click on the first book in the series. Click on the Book Details tab. Look for this link to create a new series. This will give you the Series Management pop-up window where you can ...
    • Why are German Amazon Ads reports showing UK data?

      This is caused by uploading the German reports in English. Please make sure you're choosing the Deutsch version of the report on the AMS reports dashboard. If the report is in English it will overwrite the UK report. See image from Amazon AMS ...