My Facebook Ads are showing incomplete data on ReaderLinks. How can I fix this?

My Facebook Ads are showing incomplete data on ReaderLinks. How can I fix this?

This can happen if the spreadsheet file is corrupted. The usual culprit is Excel's tendency to turn long strings of numbers into scientific notation. This is what Microsoft calls a "feature" but it's disruptive to people who just want to see their data in its pure form.

Another reason for this could be that the file was renamed after you downloaded it, which can also corrupt the data inside the file. Please download the file directly to your computer and then upload to ReaderLinks without editing or renaming it.

Please do the following:

1. Download the Facebook ad report again. We need to work from a fresh copy for this solution to work.
2. Please do not rename, edit, or open the report files. If your browser or spreadsheet app is set to automatically open the file upon download, please turn that feature off in your browser settings.
3. Upload the "clean" files to ReaderLinks again.
4. Check to see if this fixes the issue.

If you use Safari to visit Ads Manager you may see the report open in another tab before you can download it. If this happens just right-click on the tab with the report data and "Save As' a csv file.

If you do not think this situation applies to your issue, please open a ticket and attach a Facebook Ads report so we can test it for issues.

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