Analyzing your data

            Building a full report in 'Analyze' takes only a few clicks - the first one being on 'Analyze' tab. Clicking on 'New Collection' will create your first report. Please name and 'create' it.

            Tables and charts can be created via 'Analysis Wizard' or 'Advanced'.

            Analysis Wizard
            • Click on 'Analysis Wizard', select the variable and click on 'Next Step'. All the probable analyses types with the selected variable are loaded in our system. Chosen the wrong variable? Please 'Start Again'!

            • On selecting the analysis type and clicking on 'Next Step', either a table or any of the listed chart types can be selected. The first table or chart is built!

            • Please double-click on the chart/table name and re-name it to your requirement.
            • Chart types can also be changed once the report is built. A table can be made into a chart or vice-versa.

            • A second variable can be added for cross-tabulation in the 'Grid View', by clicking on 'Right click here to add a question'.

            Creating a report through 'Advanced' does not provide ready-made solutions. You are free to use any analysis type you want.
            Updated: 19 Apr 2017 08:10 PM
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