Collect Data on an Android device

            RebusCloud provides the functionality to collect data via android devices. The created surveys are supported on android devices such as tabs and mobiles. Users can create a CAPI campaign for the purpose of collecting data on an android device and for tablet based surveys.

            Creating CAPI Campaign

            To create a CAPI campaign:-

            • Click on New Campaign in the Distribute Page, .

            • A dropdown will appear. Click on New CAPI campaign
            • A pop-up will appear. Enter Campaign name.
            • In the "Create CAPI Campaign For" dropdown, select Distribution List for which you want to send out the invites.
            • In the "Expire in"  dropdown, select the expiry time for the campaign. There are 5 expiry duration options - Never, After 7 days,  After 30 days, After 60 days and Custom. The Custom option allows you to specify a date after which the campaign will get expired.
            • Click on OK.
            • A new CAPI campaign will be created in your Distribute Page.
            Adding Users who will act as Data Collectors
            Once the CAPI campaign is created, the next step is to add the users who will be the interviewers for your Distribution List members.

            To add users as interviewers:-
            • Switch on the toggle for enabling "Collect Data using Template".
            • In the left pane of the Distribute Page, click on "Add Users" button next to Data collectors.
            • A pop-up will appear. Enter the Email ID for the user you wish to assign the Data Collector role and click on ADD.
            • The user will get added and will appear in the left pane.
            Note: You can also delete the added users by clicking on the delete icon against each user.
            • Once you Add the users/data collectors, they will receive an email saying that they have been assigned to a survey and they can set up their credentials by following the instructions given in the Email.
            • They can then login to RebusCloud through their Tabs and can launch the surveys for respective respondents.
            Updated: 20 Apr 2017 04:59 PM
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