Creating your first Survey

            While creating a new survey, the default question type will be a Basic single choice radio button question. There are also numerous different question types to choose from.

            Following question types are available:
            • Basic
              • Choice - Choose One or Choose Many
              • Enter - Text, Number or Date
              • Rank Items - Ranking or Sorting
              • Other - Slider or NPS
            • Display
              • Multimedia - Picture, Video or Audio
              • Display Text
            • Grids
              • Normal - Simple or Complex
              • Special - Numeric (Numeric Grid and Constant Sum) or Text
              • Normal - Distribution or Max. Diff
            • Smiley
              • Rating - Smiley, Stars or Like/Dislike
              • Zone, Capture and Linked Input - are to be added soon! 
            Once a question type is selected, editing of both the question and option texts can be done, as below:

            The final survey will look like the below:

            Updated: 20 Apr 2017 08:10 PM
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