Distribute Survey Links on Your Own

            Users can distribute survey links on their own via Links Campaign. Links campaign allows the users to have access to individual/personal links for each member they have added in your Distribution List. Users can then send these personal links to the respondents manually via any medium. Links campaign are more useful for taking surveys on phone call where the interviewer can open the individual's personal link and can fill the data himself by asking the survey questions over phone.

            To create a Links campaign:-

            • Click on New Campaign in the Distribute Page, 
            • A drop-down will appear. Click on New Links campaign
            • A pop-up will appear. Enter Campaign name.
            • In the "Create Personal Links For" drop-down, select  Distribution List for which you want to create personal links.
            • In the "Expire in"  drop-down, select the expiry time for the campaign. There are 5 expiry duration options -  Never, After 7 days,  After 30 days, After 60 days and Custom. The Custom option allows you to specify a date after which the campaign will expire.
            • Click on OK.
            • A new Links Campaign will be created in your Distribute Page and a Download Link will appear. This link will at first be disabled and once you refresh the page.
            • Click on Download. A CSV will get downloaded to your system with personal links for each of the Distribution list members. 
            You can now share these personal links to the members/respondents manually. 
            Updated: 20 Apr 2017 03:48 PM
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