Monitoring Data Collection

            Time to 'see who's answering the survey'! Please go to 'Monitor' to do the same.
            The default period in 'Monitor' is the current month. This can be changed to 'All' by clicking on the check-box, at the top right hand corner of the page:

            The following functionalities are present :
            1. Filter - at top left corner of the page - to filter out respondents basis their responses.
            2. Fieldwork - beside Filter - to monitor the fieldwork, with explicit details of monthly Total Surveys and review status.
            3. Each record can be individually previewed and/or deleted by clicking on the 'eye' (preview) icon beside every record.
            4.  Data - in the lower half of the page - to download, accept/reject or delete selected records.

            Updated: 19 Apr 2017 03:35 PM
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