Validating Responses

            Users can specify a Validation logic at any point of the survey when required. Validations are applied in specific case scenarios. 

            For Example: When the responses of two successive questions are not in Sync. Once validation logic and text has been applied on any question, users can not move forward without selecting the correct choices.

            Let us consider a scenario of a survey having below two questions with their options:-

            Q1. What best describes your eating habits?
            • Vegetarian 
            • Non- Vegetarian
            Q3. How often do you consume non-vegetarian food?
            • Once a week
            • Twice a week
            • More than twice a week
            • Once a month
            • I am a Vegetarian
            Validation can be applied in this scenario that If the respondent has selects "Vegetarian" on Q1 and any option other than "I am a vegetarian" in Q3. He must not be allowed to move forward in the survey and a validation text must be displayed "Kindly reconsider your answer. Your response is not in sync with the response of Q1" 

            Follow the below mentioned steps to apply validation Logic in your Survey:-
            • Select the question on which you wish to apply the Validation Logic. 
            • Click on Validation in the Home menu of Design page.

            • A Validation pop-up will appear. 

            • Enter required validation logic/condition by clicking on "+" button. (Refer Section Logic Builder for Designer)
            • If the entered condition/logic by you becomes true in any survey scenario, enter Validation text to be displayed in the Show Text field.
            • Select language in which your validation text will be displayed.
            • Click on "Set" to apply your Validation Logic.
            • The logic will get applied and will be displayed below your question in the Design Page. You can pin/unpin, Delete or Edit this logic with the help of options present in string itself.

            • You can check your logic in Survey Preview. The text will be displayed as below:-

            Note: Adding Page Breaks at right places is important to be remembered while applying validation logic as one of the main motive of applying validation is to prevent the respondent from taking the survey any further if the validation condition gets true. Hence Page break must be applied after the question on which validation logic has been applied.

            Saving/Loading Validation text from Assets

            While in validation pop-up, users can Save and Load their validation texts from Cloud or Company assets based on their user permissions.

            Simply click on Save/Load icon present near the text field and choose the required asset option from where you wish to Save/Load your validation text.

            The text will get saved or loaded as per your given request.
            Updated: 18 Apr 2017 09:27 PM
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