What does EcoPhones do with the consumer electronics and metals it collects?

What does EcoPhones do with the consumer electronics and metals it collects?

All of the items we receive are recycled in accordance with the leading industry standards as well as all Federal, State and Local EPA guidelines.

Every phase of a cell phone's life cycle, from raw material extraction all the way to its end-of-life management, has potential impacts on the environment. For example, during the extraction phase, raw materials must be extracted from the earth, refined, transported and manufactured into products such as cell phones, laptops, and other consumer electronics. Each of these phases uses tremendous amounts of energy and creates pollution from the burning of fossil fuels. When the product reaches the end of its useful life, the best choice is to properly and safely recycle it putting it (or at least the majority of its components) back into use. That's where Recycling Fundraiser comes in.

More than 80% of all the electronics we receive are reusable and are therefore tested, reconditioned and sold within the United States. The revenue generated from the resale of used consumer electronics helps pay for our warehouse rent, our repair technicians and our ability to pay schools, churches and businesses for an ever increasing number and variety of used and eventually hazardous consumer electronics. We do not receive any State or Federal aid.

The remaining 20% are de-manufactured in the state of Texas. Just as is the case with jewelry, consumer electronics contain more than 17 scarce and other non-ferrous metals - all of which are recoverable and more importantly reusable including silver, gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, indium, selenium, tellurium, antimony, tin, bismuth, arsenic and base metals such as lead, copper, nickel.

We do not export e-waste, we do not dump e-waste in landfills and we do not utilize prison labor. 

Metals are sent to an EPA registered refinery within the United States where they are melted down to be reused to create new electronics, pieces of jewelry and other consumer products. Recycling metals reduces the need for metals excavation, the #1 cause of toxic pollution in the United States.

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