Recycling Fundraiser

What happens to any information stored in the cell phones?

All of the items were receive are processed and recycled in accordance with the leading industry standards. Many of the cell phones we receive are destroyed and recycled according to EPA guidelines. This process effectively destroys all information stored in the cell phones. In the event a cell phone is refurbished or resold for reuse each phone is data cleared in accordance with NIST Special Publication 800-88 "Guidelines for Media Sanitization" by our trained team of technicians and data clearing is verified by someone in our quality control department.

Our data clearing process wipes the phone's memory clean and enables a new number to be assigned. However, EcoPhones strongly recommends that donors clear the memories on their cell phones of any sensitive private information before donating them. In addition, donors should always ensure the service on any cell phone they donate has been disconnected, to prevent fraudulent use. EcoPhones will not be responsible for any information left stored in the memories of phones donated or their fraudulent use.