Recycling Fundraiser

When can my organization expect to receive payment?

EcoPhones will issue and mail your organization a check within 30 days of the shipment inspection date indicated on the confirmation email you will receive once the shipment has been inspected. This confirmation email will include an attachment that provides a breakdown of the contents of the shipment and indicate the payment amount. In addition, the email will indicate the mailing address we have on file and who / what organization the check will be made payable to. It is important that you review this email to ensure the information is correct. If any of the information needs to be corrected / updated, just reply to the email with the revised information. Note: EcoPhones communicates with its collection partners primarily via email.

Please ensure that we have the correct contact information / email address on file or these confirmation emails will not be received. It is also a good idea to put in your email address book to avoid our emails from being blocked by email filters.