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            Finding Books for Classes

            Please visit the bookstore website at http://bookstore.riverland.edu to see a list of your course materials. On the Textbook tab select the campus (Albert Lea, Austin or Owatonna) where you are taking your courses. If you are taking online classes you may choose any of the campus locations, all 3 stores carry the material for online classes. After you select your campus location, choose your term, class department (subject), and course number and section (this info is on your class schedule), then click on the button to Add Course. Your course should appear in the white box labeled "Your Current Course List". When all of your courses are listed click on the button "Get Course Materials". This will give you a full list of all the required materials for your courses. You may print the list or add items to your cart and purchase your material online.

            Updated: 19 Mar 2019 01:29 AM
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