Proof of Delivery Tutorial

            If you want using Proof of Delivery feature, follow this directive.  

            1. Activate Proof of Delivery Plugin

            1.1 Login Routingo App.
            1.3 Click to "Get Plugin" button.

            That's all. After this, your driver will click to "Delivered" button, open the signature panel.

            2. Using

            Firstly, your driver must log in to Routingo Driver app. If you don't know this read this guide: Connect Routingo Driver App.

            2.1 Your driver can see any stop.

            2.2 Click to "Delivered" button. The signature panel will open.

            2.3 Click to "Save signature".

            Mission completed.

            3. Show Signature and Location

            3.1 Go to stop detail page.

            Stop detail page.

            3.2 Click to "Show Signature" button. The signature page will open.

            3.3 You can see the signature and compare easily the delivery and signature location.

            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 09:42 AM
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