Getting Started

            Welcome to Routingo.

            This guide will take you through the process of setting up your drivers and vehicles, planning your first optimized route(s) and using live tracking and analytics.

            1. Create First Project

            1.1) Go Routes page. Follow to Menu > Routes link or click "routingo" logo.

            1.2) Click to "Create Project" button. Input your project name and click to "Create New Project".

            2. Add First Vehicle

            2.1) Click to "Vehicles" tab.

            2.2) Click to "Add Vehicle" button.

            2.3) Fill the forms. Driver name and start address are required fields.

            3. (A) Import Stops in your Excel or (B) Add Manuel Stops.

            3.A. Import Stops from Excel Spreadsheet

            You must move your file drag&drop area. Or click and select upload files. A page similar to the image below will appear.

            Match your columns. 

            Name: Location, customer or company name.
            Address: Location address
            Service Duration: It is the information stating that how many minutes will it take to deliver the load, when the vehicle is reached the delivery point. When left empty, default settings will apply.
            Load:The product amount to be delivered. It is in unit format.
            Phone: This information is required in order to contact the delivery staff of your driver.
            Mail: Customers mail.
            Note: You can add special note for the delivery. This note will be shared with your driver via Routingo Driver App.
            From:Time window start.
            To: Time window end.

            Every move you make will be shown in the "Data Preview" screen.
            If your file included columns, you must click "Ignore First Row". For example;

            You must click to "Next >>" button after the matching finish. If everything goes well, your orders will be displayed on the map.

            4. Create Route

            Click to "Route & Go" button. And at last your route is ready.

            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 09:50 AM
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