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How can I transfer ownership of my pet to someone else?

Please fill in this form and Save This Life support team will do the transfer and send credentials to the new owner. 

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    • How can I transfer ownership to me of a pet that I adopted and already registered in Save This Life?

      Please fill in this form and Save This Life support team will review your request and do the transfer as soon as all required information are provided.
    • How can I report my pet as found after being missed?

      If you reported your pet as missed and now it is found (Great news!) then you can login to your Save This Life account, go to My Pets page and on the pet's card click on the button Report As Found. Fill in the form and submit it. We will receive your ...
    • How much a Pet ID Tag costs?

      We are offering many shapes(Heart, Rectangle, Shield, Bow-Tie, etc...) and two sizes of Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags(Regular, Small). The price is the same $19.99+S&H($3.00) per unit but  it is only $14.99+S&H($3.00) if you choose to order an ID Tag ...
    • How can I report that my pet is lost?

      The first thing is to make sure that your information and your pet information are current. So if you have access to your Save This Life account then please update all information about you and your pet specially cell phone number and email address. ...
    • How can I check if my pet is registered?

      Enter the microchip number in this search box and hit Search button. If an error message appears below the Search button like this "Error: Cannot search microchip. Please contact us to fix this. Thanks! " then the pet is not registered with us. You ...