Will the microchip expire?

Will the microchip expire?

The microchip has an expiry date on the packaging but this is purely for implantation purposes and not an expiry date for the function of reunification.
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    • Who the microchip was sold to originally?

      We can have that information only when the microchip is registered. If it is not then no way we can have it.
    • How do I find out if a microchip is from Save This Life?

      If the microchip number starts with 991 or 900164 then it is a Save This Life microchip. Otherwise it is from another brand.
    • Does a microchip hurt?

      Once the microchip has been inserted, your pet won't even know it's there.
    • What is a microchip?

      A microchip is a passive transponder device implanted beneath an animal's skin which contains a unique series of characters used to identify an animal if it's lost. A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is administered similarly to a ...
    • How TEXTable microchip# works?

      This service is available only for DIAMOND Members. When someone finds a pet and TEXT the microchip# to Save This Life phone number 855-777-2447, they can then privately contact pet's parent via text and email. The pet parent receives a GPS map of ...