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Chromebook: How-To Powerwash

Article Goal - Illustrate how-to Powerwash a Chromebook
Article Audience - Public

Powerwash Steps

1. Sign-Out of the Chromebook
2. At the logon screen, press and hold:

3. When prompted, select(click) Powerwash
4. On the Confirm Powerwash screen, select(click) Continue
5. The device will begin the Powerwash
6. It will reboot a few times

7. Once completed, you will see the New Device setup screen
8. Select(click) Let’s Go
9. Join a WiFi network when prompted
10. On the Terms of Service screen, select(click) Accept and Continue
11. The Chromebook should automatically re-enroll and load to the logon screen
12. The Powerwash is completed. All User data was erased and the device is ready for use

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