Setting Up Panopto for student assignments

Setting Up Panopto for student assignments

This article will walk you through the steps to create the special folder needed to use Panopto for student assignments.

Make sure Panopto Recordings has been enabled in the course.

Click Panopto Recordings in the course navigation.

Click Add folder and create a new folder with the specific name of the assignment. Make sure to create a separate folder for each video assignment.

Click the new folder you just created.

Click the Folder Settings icon (a gear) in the upper right-hand corner. The Overview screen will open.

Click Create assignment folder. This creates a special folder that allows students to submit videos to your course.

Click the X or press Esc to exit.

A new special [assignments] folder, titled AssignmentName [assignments] has been created in the folder for the assignment. This [assignments] folder is the folder where students will upload their videos.

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