Getting Started: Signing Up & Logging In

Getting Started: Signing Up & Logging In

Signing up for a WritersRoom Pro account is easy. The first page at WritersRoom Pro’s app site gives you the option to sign up for a new account or to login with an existing account.Clicking on SIGN UP brings you to this screen:

Fill out the information, choose a password, accept the Terms of Service, and then hit the ‘Sign up’ button. You will get an email with a confirmation link. Once you confirm your new account you’re ready to log in.


Depending on your account, you may have multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled.  You will need to download the smartphone app "Google Authenticator" to work as your MFA device.

We recommend keeping the “Keep me signed in on this computer” box checked. This will enable you to close your browser and log back in later much more efficiently. If you’ve already subscribed to WritersRoom Pro your account will default to your subscription level (maximum number of both active projects and active users). If you haven’t subscribed yet you will be prompted to before you are able to create a project.

IF YOUR PASSWORD DOESN'T SEEM TO WORK: This is our absolute #1 support call and the reason is usually the same.  For security, WritersRoom Pro has multiple layers of password protection:

  1. USER PASSWORD - This is the password that, in connection to your username/email address, tells WritersRoom Pro that you are, indeed, a registered user of the app.
  2. MFA PASSWORD - If enabled, this is a second level of security that confirms that the username/email address and password you entered to start using WritersRoom Pro was entered by you, which is why you use Google Authenticator on your personal smartphone.
  3. PROJECT PASSWORD - Once your inside WritersRoom Pro and on the projects page, every project within WritersRoom Pro that you've set up a password for will need that password entered in order to open the project. 

So to review: you need your username/email + user password to log into WritersRoom Pro; if MFA is enabled you need your smartphone + Google Authenticator to prove you are who you say you are which  gets you as far as the WritersRoom Pro projects page; you need the project password which is different from your user password to access a specific project on your projects page.

So what's the problem that makes this our #1 support call?  Often your browser has been set to 'remember' passwords that you enter, so when you rely on your browser to 'autofill' passwords in WritersRoom Pro the browser often autofills the same password as your user password and project password. Oops.

THE SOLUTION: Do not use autofill if possible, or use it for either the user password or project password, but not both.  You can keep the 'show password' button selected to verify that you're entering the proper password in the proper field.

A CAUTION: For security, WritersRoom Pro will lock you out for one hour after several failed password attempts, so please be aware.  If you do get locked out just contact us and we'll reset your login attempts.  

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