Why isn't my content downloading to devices?

Why isn't my content downloading to devices?

Check for a download schedule. This was the case for one of our clients where content would only start to download between midnight and 3am. You can override this in an emergency by highlighting the devices and selecting the ‘Overide Download Schedule’ option.  

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    • How do I assign content to multiple devices?

      1. Go to content> search campaigns and select your campaign 2. Click on 'View assignments' (top left hand corner) 3. Click on 'Toggle filter' (top left hand corner) 4. Select 'include subfolders' and filter by device 5. Select multiple devices by ...
    • How do you deploy content in SignStix?

      Once you are happy with the content you have created, the next step is to assign and deploy that content to your screens.  Please follow these instructions:  Navigate to the Assignments section in the left-hand column in Director The main section of ...
    • My video isn’t in the correct orientation on a portrait video wall

      See this article https://www.signstix.com/support/how-do-i-set-up-my-device-for-a-portrait-screen/   Upgrade the player version to 3.3.3 and then set hardware rotation in the device page for each device. This was a new feature of the 3.3 release.
    • How do I assign content to my device?

      To assign new content to your devices: 1. From director go into assignments> active campaign. 2. Select the location or device. 3. Click on the device. 4. Go to (+) icon to assign content.  5. Press deploy once you are happy with your content.
    • How do I switch devices to DHCP?

      If the devices are connected to ethernet: 1. Attach a USB mouse to the SignStix device. 2. Double right-click to escape from signage mode back to the white Controls page. 3. Make a note of the (static) IP address displayed in the Information section ...