Sincerely Me

            What happens if we break up?

            What happens if we break up?

            With Sincerely Me at your side that will never happen ;)  

            O.k., so if it does, we understand.  Here's how it works.  You will remain a member, yet we will deactivate your notifications and payments.  Should you return you will retain the last set of privileges you had prior to deactivation.  For example, you may have earned special privileges in shipping, which you would retain upon reactivation.

            With regard to any remaining budget $, you may choose one of the following options:

            1. Buy a gift for yourself, it doesn't have to be for a partner
            2. Use your fund to give Sincerely Me as a gift to others throughout the year.  People love getting Sincerely Me as gifts for engagements, weddings, new baby and anniversaries
            3. Donate the $ to our pup rescue effort, 'The Puppy Club,' and receive a tax write-off (coming soon as we earn our 501c status)
            For us, you are a member for life.  We support your choices and we welcome you back when you find love again... and you will.  

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