Error when importing into QuickBooks

Error when importing into QuickBooks

When trying to import my QuickBooks .iif file, I get the following error

You cannot associate an item with Sales Tax Payable, Undeposited Funds, accounts receivable, accounts payable, or non-posting


There can be a number of different causes for this type of error but the most common occurs when the sales tax item on the order being imported is not setup in QuickBooks or it is setup in QuickBooks but as a Service item instead of a Sales Tax Item.


First identify the sales tax code that is being used on the order(s) being imported. You can do this by looking at the order in SWCS Order Entry. Then open the Items List in QuickBooks and locate the matching sales tax item.

  • If you don't see one then add a sales tax item to QuickBooks using the same name as the sales tax code in SWCS.
  • If you have a sales tax item in QuickBooks, check its type. If it's setup as a service type then that is most likly the cause and needs to be fixed. You won't be able to change the type of this item in QuickBooks so first try to delete it. If it's not being used you'll be able to delete it. Once deleted you can add the sales tax item correctly and try the import again. If you can't delete it then you'll need to add a new sales tax item to QuickBooks with a different name, rename the matching sales tax code in SWCS and re-export the affected orders.

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