How to Add Sales Rep E-mail and Telephone Number to Process Reports

How to Add Sales Rep E-mail and Telephone Number to Process Reports


This article provides instructions on how to add individual sales representative's e-mail and telephone numbers to process reports (quotes, orders, etc.)

More Information

To add this data, you must be running SWCS version or higher and have installed Hotfix 333587.


This process is broken into two parts: Entering the employee data, and assigning it to the appropriate reports(s)

Adding the Sales Representative's data

  • On a local workstation, open Solatech and go to View>Employees
  • Double click on a Sales Rep’s name to bring up the Edit Employee window
  • You will see  fields for Email, Phone 1 and Phone 2. Enter the applicable information, and then Save and Close.
  • Repeat the process for each applicable Sales Representative

Assigning the Data to Process Reports

Note: You can only modify a custom process report.  If you are using a stock report which begins with the word "Solatech"  (i.e. Solatech Invoice) you will need to duplicate the report  before proceeding. (Modifying a Standard Process Report)

  • Navigate to Tasks>Manage Process Reports
  • Click on the Setup Reports button
  • Using the drop down menu next to Output Type, select the output type you wish to change (i.e. quotes, orders)
  • In the Reports and Labels to use section, highlight the Report to be changed
  • Click the Modify button
  • On the Modify Report Window, select the Identification button
  • Scroll down in the Fields to Display list and place a check next to Sales Rep Email and Sales Rep Phone 1
  • You may change the heading for these fields by typing a new value in the heading field.


  • When completed, click “OK” twice to exit and save your changes
  • Repeat the process for all output to which additional Sales Rep information needs to be added.
  • This information will be added to the "Identification" section of output, in the upper right hand corner of Process Reports
  • You will need to perform a company sync on each Roaming Workstation before this data will be available on the Roaming Workstations.

Applies To

Solatech Window Covering Software 4.2

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