How to change the delimiter used in description strings on process reports

How to change the delimiter used in description strings on process reports


The delimiter used on process reports can be changed to a different character to more clearly differentiate between options in the descriptions used on process reports.  This knowledge base article describes how to set up a new character for use as the option delimiter. . 

Note:  Requires HF09182019 to be installed. 


  1. From within SalesPRO, click the Solatech icon in the upper left hand corner, and select Application Settings
  2. In the left hand column, click Order Entry
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the right hand column, and enter a new delimiter

  4. Press OK to exit and save your changes
  5. The new delimiter will appear on quotes, sales, or orders created after the time the new delimiter was assigned. 
  6. Each SalesPRO user will need to set the new delimiter in application settings, as the Order Entry settings are user specific.

Applies To:

  • Solatech SalesPRO

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