How to create and upload status updates for Solatech Focus Orders

How to create and upload status updates for Solatech Focus Orders


For clients who have both Solatech Fabrication software and a Solatech Focus Site, status update files can be created and uploaded in order to give accounts (dealers) automated status updates.  This article will describe the process of exporting, updating and uploading status update files.


  • Internet Access
  • A user account on the FTP server used by Solatech


This procedure assumes you will be using a Solatech FTP server to upload the files and that this will be done via a web browser. In order to do this you will need to contact Solatech to obtain a user account. This account will be your email address. Once you have provided Solatech with the email address of the user who will be uploading the status update files you will receive an invitation to finish your account setup.

Export and Modify the Status Update File

Note: These instructions assume Microsoft Excel will be used to update your status update file.  Contact Solatech if you require help with updating your file in another application.

  • While logged in as a Site Administrator on your Solatech Focus site, click on the PO's link to view a listing of all current PO's
  • Click on the button Export Status Updates
  • To select all POs, click on the button Select All
  • To select only specific PO's, click on one and then use the Ctrl key to select additional PO's to be exported
  • When selection is completed, click the Export button
  • Your export file will be downloaded as a text document, which should be saved and then opened in Excel
  • This document will contain the following headings:
    • Column A = Sender
    • Column B = Account
    • Column C = PONumber
    • Column D = Line
    • Column E = Confirmation
    • Column F = Code
    • Column G = Message
    • Column H = EstShip
    • Column I = EstDelv
    • Column J = Carrier
    • Column K = Tracking
    • Column L = CarrierShip

Note: It is important to NOT change/modify any of these headings. 

  • Columns A-F are required.  Your exported document will have columns A, B, C, D and F filled in automatically.  
  • For the required Column E, the Confirmation is designed to be the Order Number generated by your Fabrication software.  This is not required, however, and any number may be entered in the field.  
  • Columns G-L are only required if you have data for them.

Status Codes

Use the following Status Codes when updating each data row




Item was received. This indicates that the item was received by the vendor but has not yet been verified.


Item was approved. This indicates the PO was entered successfully into the vendors system. When this code is used, column H, Est. Ship Date, is required.  Column I, Est. Delivery Date is optional.  


Item was rejected. This indicates the PO was not able to be entered into the vendors system, or it was entered but is on hold due to questions. The reason for the rejection and/or instructions to Solatech Focus should be included in the column G.


Item has shipped. This indicates the line item has shipped. When this code is used, the following columns are required: column J, carrier; column K, tracking; and column L carrier ship date.  


Item delivery date has changed. This indicates the estimated ship date for a line has changed from what it was originally. The estimated ship and estimated delivery date columns should contain the new dates (columns H and I).

  • When all changes have been completed, save your modified document
  • The file type should not be changed from Text (Tab delimited)

Upload the Status Update File

  • Open your web browser.
  • Navigate to

  • Enter your user name and click Continue.
  • Enter your password and click Login.
  • If you see a link at the bottom of the screen called Try the new look, click it. This will make it much easier to upload files.

  • You should now have something that looks like this:

  • Click the Upload Files button.
  • Click Browse for Files.
  • Select the status update file you saved from Excel and click OK. The file will be uploaded.
  • If you have additional files to upload you can repeat the process.
  • Once you are done just close your browser.

Note: You may see files in this folder when you connect from time-to-time. These are probably status files that you or someone else already uploaded. They will be removed automatically when they are processed by Solatech Focus.

Applies To:

  • SWCS 4.2
  • Solatech Focus

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