How to Email Quotes or Orders from Solatech

How to Email Quotes or Orders from Solatech


This article explains how to create Emails for printed output from the Solatech Software

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For any type of printed output in the Solatech Window Covering software, a copy of the PDF version can be emailed to anyone desired.   There are three methods for doing this:

  1. Using the Email link at the top of the Solatech Preview screen
  2. Using the Save feature at the top of the preview screen
  3. Emailing directly from Adobe Reader (please note that this method is only available for clients with Solatech v. with  Hotfix 333587 installed )

Method 1: Email from Print Preview

If you are using Microsoft Outlook as your e-mail client on this computer (NOT Outlook Express, Outlook Online, or any other Email client), you can use the Email link to create an Email and attach the previewed file to this Email.

You can then address the E-mail and put in whatever text you like

Method 2: Save and attach

If you're not using Outlook, you can still Save the PDF file, using the Save link:

You can then open your E-mail client of choice, and attach the saved PDF file to the E-mail, address

and add text as you desire.

Method 3: Email from Adobe


  • From within Order Entry, select Print
  • On the Generate Output window, place a check mark to the left of the desired output
  • Use the drop down menu to the right of the Preview button and select Preview with Adobe

  • The selected output will be opened using Adobe Reader
  • Press the email icon to email a copy of the order to your customer

Note: If you are not using Outlook as your email client, you will need to setup your email in Adobe. This is a one time process and Adobe will walk you through the process.


  • Solatech Window Covering Software 4.2

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