How to export customer data from SalesPRO

How to export customer data from SalesPRO


There may be times when you need to export some details about the customers you have in your SalesPRO Software so that you can use that information in another application. For example if you want to get a list of e-mail addresses that can be used by a marketing e-mail  application.

This article will walk you through the steps of exporting your customer information to a common format that can be used by many other applications.

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How to export customer information

  • Run the SalesPRO software and log in. 
  • Click on the Reports tab
  • On the Reports ribbon, click on the Customers icon 
  • From the drop down menu, select the type of information to export.  For this example, we will select Customers by email 
  • The report will appear on your screen as a PDF document

  • To export the data, click on the Report tab
  • You can choose Export to Excel or Export to text. For this example, we will export to Excel 
  • Select a location and a name for the excel file (example Customer by Email) and click Save 

  • Press OK on the Export Report to Excel window
  • How to use Report Filters 


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