How to export discount groups from 4.2 Fab software for import into Solatech Dealer Ordering System (DOS)

How to export discount groups from 4.2 Fab software for import into Solatech Dealer Ordering System (DOS)


This article describes how customers with Solatech 4.2 Fabrication software and a Solatech Dealer Ordering System (DOS) can run a customer discount report that will be formatted properly for import of discounts into accounts in the DOS. 

Note:  The 4.2 report referenced below is not installed by default on your Fabrication software.  Please contact Solatech to obtain a copy of this report. 

Instructions - Part 1

  • In 4.2, navigate to Reports>Report Center
  • In the left hand category column, select Discounts
  • In the right hand column, scroll to the category Discounts by Customer and select the report Discounts by Customer-Selected Customer-SF by clicking on the report name once
  • From the upper toolbar, use the drop down arrow to the right of Run Report to select Export

  • Enter the customer name in the Criteria Field then press the Continue button

  1. On the Export Report Window, Click the Save As button to navigate to the location in which you wish to save your file
  2. Change the Save as type to Text Files
  3. Give the report a name in the following format "report name.csv"
  4. Hit the Save button

  • On the Export Report window, use the drop down to the right of Export as and select Text File
  • In the Options section, enter a comma (,) as the field delimiter
  • Remove any data in the Page delimiter field
  • Press the OK button
  • Your file will be exported

  • Open the file you saved
  • Copy the contents
  • Open Excel
  • On the Home section, drop down Paste and select Use Text Import Wizard

  • On the Text Import Wizard, select Delimited and click Next
  • Select Comma and click Next
  • Click Finish
  • Scroll through the document, and look for any page breaks.  Delete all lines containing page breaks.  In the example below, line 47 would be deleted

  • When all page breaks have been removed, save your document. (note:  keep the document in the .csv format)

Instructions - Part 2

  • Login to your Solatech DOS
  • Click on Admin (from the upper navigational toolbar)
  • Select Accounts from the sub-menu
  • From your list of Accounts, click on the Account for which you wish to import discounts
  • Click on Discounts (see example below)

  • In the section Import Discounts, click the Choose File Button
  • Navigate to the .csv file you created earlier. Click on the name once; then click Open
  • Click the Apply button in Import Discounts
  • Your Account discounts will be applied.

Applies to:

  • SWCS 4.2
  • Solatech DOS

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