How to identify products with missing discounts using the Pricing Center in SalesPRO

How to identify products with missing discounts using the Pricing Center in SalesPRO


SalesPRO's Pricing center allows you to verify your discount setup and  see which products may be missing either Vendor (cost) or Standard (retail) discounts.  This article will provide instructions on how to use this valuable tool.


  •  To view the Pricing Center, go to the Maintenance tab and select the icon Pricing Center.

  • The Overview tab allows you to review your Additional Charges, Vendor & Customer Promotions, Item Price and Item Cost Adjustments as well as Customer Types.  For this knowledge base article, we'll focus on the Product Pricing Setup tab.
  • On the Product Pricing Setup tab, you'll see list of all active products, along with information on how discounts are calculated for those products.  
  • Click on the Verify Pricing button in the upper right hand corner of the window.

  • You will see a list of any products identified as missing discounts.
  • The software will specify which discount(s) are missing, and what the effect will be when you create a quote or sale using the identified product(s).

  • To close the verification screen, use the Verify Pricing button drop down menu, and select clear verification results.

  • To correct your discounts, you can switch back to the Overview tab, and select View Discounts in the right hand column.

  • This will open up your Discounts window.
  • Make the necessary adjustments to Vendor and/or Standard Discounts.
  • Close the Discounts window.
  • Switch back to the Product Pricing Setup tab.
  • Click the Verify Pricing button again to insure that all missing discounts have been corrected.

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Applies to

  • SalesPRO Software

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