How to locate items which have been cancelled or closed in Solatech Focus

How to locate items which have been cancelled or closed in Solatech Focus


When a Quote/Sale/Order/or Purchase Order has been cancelled it no longer shows up on its corresponding list page.  This article will review how to locate these items.

Statuses that cause an item to drop off of the list page:

  • Quote
    • Cancelled
  • Sale
    • Cancelled
  • Order
    • Closed
    • Cancelled - An order can only be canceled by the Site Administrator.
  • Purchase Order
    • Delivered
    • Cancelled

To find one of these items once they have been placed in one of the statuses above you will need to perform a Search.  A search can be performed from one of two places:

1 - The Home Page

2 - The Search Page

Home page

  • In the Quick Search section, type part of a name or number then click the button that corresponds to what you are searching.
  • For Example:  If I have canceled a quote and I remember the quote number is 118, or I remember the Sidemark is Stevens, I can type part or all of either of these items into the search bar.
  • In the example below, I knew the quote started with 11 but couldn't remember the last number.
  • Type the portion you remember in the Quick Search field, then click Quotes / Sales / Orders.

  • This will take you to the Search results page.
  • In this case we have 4 results.  The Item type is in the far left column, the Quote/Sale/Order number is in the second column, and the status is in the far right column.  Since we are looking for the Cancelled quote, we can look in the far right column for the word Cancelled.

  • Click on the blue hyperlink to open the Cancelled quote.
  • You will find a status bar at the top that gives you the opportunity to Restore the quote to the Created status.

Search page

  • Click on the Search tab to get to the Search page.
  • Click the radio button next to what you would like to search for, in this case Quotes / Sales / Orders.
  • Type the portion of the quote/sale/order that you remember in the space provided and hit Enter on your keyboard. 
  • You will be presented with the same results page as shown above.

Applies to

  • Solatech Focus

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