How to reset purchase orders for a sale or order

How to reset purchase orders for a sale or order


This article will explain when you should reset purchase orders for an existing sale or order and how to perform the reset.


If you have a sale or order that cannot generate purchase orders when it's saved you may need to reset the purchase orders. This may be necessary if during purchase order syncing the PO information on a sale or order is corrupted.

How to know if a reset is required

If the following is true then a purchase order reset is required

  • If you have a sale or order that contains one or more purchase products but the sale/order does not have any attached purchase orders. 
  • When you Edit the sale/order and save it new purchase orders are not created.

How to perform the reset

  1. Edit the sale/order.
  2. Click the down arrow under the Save command and click Reset Purchase Orders.
  3. When prompted to continue, click Yes.
  4. Once the reset has been performed you will need to click the Save command. Required purchase orders should now be created.

If the sale/order had already been synced then the new purchase orders will be synced automatically. Once they appear on the local system you can send them to vendors.

More Information

  • Resetting purchase orders will delete any existing purchase orders that are attached to the sale/order. Make sure you have not already sent any of the existing PO's. If you have then a reset is not recommended.
  • The Reset Purchase Orders command was requires version 5.0.186 or higher.

Applies to

  • SalesPRO Software

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